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Willie Watson // 1-27-15 // Doug Fir

20150127WillieWatson4Willie Watson is a man alone on the stage with the guitar, banjo, microphone and a cowboy hat bringing you your daily dose of old-timey Americana and that was exactly what the packed house in the Doug Fir had ordered home this Tuesday evening.

Since his performance this past summer at Pickathon, Portland has been eagerly awaiting Willie’s return.  Speaking of memories of Pickathon and endless Summer days, there’s something about a Willie Watson show that does make it feel like a return to simpler times.  A return to the original American singer-songwriters who carved out folk music from the front porches of every corner of this great land.

And while the Americana folk scene continues to have a renaissance, Watson is doing it in a unique way: stripping down everything to the roots and remaining true to those greats that have come before.  He is a walking, singing history lesson, resurrecting songs from the past and his first solo album, Folk Singer Volume One, is filled with a variety of covers from the past greats. On this night, the lesson was in full swing, as he performed all of his songs from FSVO, as well as several covers.

Watson has an authenticity about him that comes across naturally and he is simply a troubadour on a mission to bring these songs to the masses.

Thanks Willie, come back now, you hear?

Editor’s Note: Mikaela Davis opened the show.

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