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Victor Wooten // 6-4-14 // Aladdin Theater


Victor Wooten is widely acclaimed as being one of the finest bassists to ever walk this earth and it was with these high expectations I found myself at the Aladdin Theater to witness his musicianship for the first time.  My only exposure to Wooten has not been through his music but instead his amazing book, The Music Lesson, about the spiritual connection between music and the art of learning how to play it.

Seeing Wooten live, it is clear that this man is living the words that I have been reading, he is truly a self-invented individual, making four bass strings sound entirely unique and genuine. His natural stage presence only further connects him to his audience.

Portland packed into the theater early as fans decided between a standing room only view in the first 20 rows or to take the show in in the comfort of a seat. Regardless of your location in the room, Wooten has a way of making a connection with every person in the venue.

On stage he was joined by his brother, Regi Wooten, on guitar, keyboardist Karlton Taylor, drummer Derico Watson, and the amazing Krystal Peterson on vocals.  The band weaved through two sets of jazz, funk, soul, rock and a hint of gospel.  Highlights included Wooten’s version of “Amazing Grace” and a tribute to his daughter, “Aria’s Eyes”.

All aspiring bassists in the room were given a humbling 20-minute display of Wooten’s abilities during a stand alone bass solo journey.

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