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Preview: Alameda // 6-5-14 // Mississippi Studios

AlamedaBananaStandIn a super secret spot nestled somewhere in Portland’s Southeast quadrant, our friends at Banana Stand Media recorded the latest album by Alameda, who are releasing it at their show at Mississippi Studios tonight!

Accompanying Alameda for the evening will be two equally exceptional, Portland based groups, Balto and Bevelers.

The live record is nothing short of an incredible; Alameda’s excellence at live performance is on full display and gives you a great glimpse of what to expect tonight. The album has the relaxed flow of a live performance, with the luster of a studio album.

Stirling Myles brings newly written songs to rest of the band, Jessie Dettwiler (vocals and cello), Phil Nelson (electric guitar), and Barra Brown (percussion), who then collaborate on the arrangement. Through the arrangement, Alameda creates a woeful sound with unexpected vibrancy.

Fans of the group can look forward to a few songs on this record not previously released on their Procession or Seasons/Specters albums.

Check out the video below to experience the recording of this album and a glimpse of Alameda.

Alameda – “A Violence” from Banana Stand Media on Vimeo.

Physical copies of Live from the Banana Stand will be available the night of the release show and digital copies will be available June 10.

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