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Under The Bridge: This Week on the Scene // 2-7 thru 2-13


Surfs Drugs // Fri. – 2-7 // Blue Monk
Ever been drunk in a hot tub in a garage with Captain Beefheart’s discography on repeat at full volume? That’s what listening to Surfs Drugs feels like. Drowning fuzzy tones in reverb, a youthful voice bounces indecipherable lyrics around while freaky organ fills the waves. The lo-fi sensibility of Surfs Drugs music is charming and hard not to get along with. (also playing: Hats Off!, 100 Watt Mind)

The We Shared Milk // Sat. – 2-8 // Firkin Tavern
The first impression I got from local trio The We Shared Milk was their keen ability to write a good goddamn song. With a heavy, distorted, a-tonal pop sound and a very unique vocalist, The We Shared Milk look like they know what they are doing. People have taken notice in the last year of their individuality especially: they were deemed one of Portland’s Best New Bands by Willamette Week. Their most recent full length on bandcamp, Lame Sunset is filled with psychedelic ease, heavy riffs, and most of all, good goddamn songs. (also playing: Minden, Sama Dams)

LKN // Tue. – 2-11 // The Know
LKN is the one woman project of Laura Newman, one half of heavy shredders Palo Verde. I first took notice of the project when I heard her song on the Eolian Empire compilation earlier in 2013, which absolutely blew me away. With a slow, melodic tempo and a genius build-up and even better payoff, LKN mixes math with melody and metal to make a tasty blend of rock n’ roll that leaves you wanting much, much more. Mixed with XDS’s experimental space tunes, this show will definitely be worth getting out on a Tuesday night. (also playing: Nudity)

Sad Horse // Wed. – 2-12 // East End
Sad Horse are a two-piece maelstrom that play heavy Ween-influenced songs that rarely exceed two minutes in length. Experimenting in multiple genres at once is a hard thing to even attempt, much less do, and Sad Horse have it down. Their album Purple on Purple makes Purple is filled with songs with names such as “Something That Sucks” and “You Are Idiots,” but the music that backs the names up is strong and well thought out, even though a bit outrageous at times. Supporting this bill will be Muzzy, my new favorite noise experiment. Do it. (also playing: Alto!)

Brainstorm // Wed. – 2-12 // Holocene
I don’t drink rum because I spent too much time in alleys behind grocery stores in Reno chugging Captain Morgan and puking on the girls I liked (no regrets). I tried to take a shot of Sailor Jerry a few years ago and gagged… I didn’t realize I idn’t like rum until I drank it a few years after high school. Brainstorm’s booty island sunshine jams make me want to get back in the rum game. (also playing: Thanks, Holiday Friends)


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