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Under The Bridge: This Week on the Scene // 12-13 thru 12-19



Babysitter // Fri. – 12-13 // Langano Lounge
Countries collide tonight when our neighbors from the north send the very talented garage sounds of Babysitter from Victoria, BC. Their recently released collaborative effort with Montreal weirdos JLK has a lo-fi pop sensibility, melded with no-wave walls of sound to create something that’s as unique as it is universal. Joined by local raging pop-punkers Lunch, and the far-out psych sounds of Young Dad and Coma Serfs, this show is sure to rumble some guts.

Pelvis Wrestlies // Sat. – 12-14 // Firkin Tavern
Reno, Nevada’s finest punk trio the Pelvis Wrestlies are hitting the Firkin¬†Saturday¬†night, so be prepared to get sloppy. The last time they played Slabtown, I bought their “Live at Harrah’s” tape, which is, quite literally, a tape of them playing live from Reno’s own Harrah’s Casino. With songs like “Rat Trap,” “Watchin’ T.V.” and “Babysitter,” the Wrestlies live show is filled with fast, raunchy tunes, ridiculous banter, and an overall ingenuity that’s hard to come across in PDX. The Memories’ pop-punk will never get out of your head, and Mister Tang hasn’t stopped blowing minds since they started, so get there and check out a kick ass show at a kick ass bar.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra // Sun. – 12-15 // Crystal Ballroom
The pop psychedelia that Unknown Mortal Orchestra creates is genius. Taking influences from just about every decade since recorded music existed, UMO writes songs that are instrumentally deep and layered, vocally exotic, lyrically poetic, and genuinely well produced both on stage and in studio. The bouncy floor and big room at the Crystal will be a fitting theater for their spacey sound. (also playing: Dandy Warhols, Modern Kin)

Old Age // Wed. 12-18 // Holocene
The first time I saw Old Age, I judged them quickly. They all looked like they had just got done camping, and their tired eyes behind their hollow body guitars and big beards told me that this was yet another folk-rock band with too much hype. Then they started playing. It was like going to a party that your friend dragged you to, and then you end up meeting the woman you spend the rest of your life with there. Like when you start your car in the cold: sure, it’s freezing and uncomfortable at first, but it’s only a matter of time before your jacket’s off and your singing along to your favorite tunes. Their old-time country tone was amazing, their lyrics were heartbroken and filled with soul, the musicians were talented and their presence was overwhelming, and they left me with a positive moral my mother taught me years ago: don’t judge a book by it’s cover. (also playing: Us Lights, Mothertapes)

XDS // Wed. – 12-18 // Mississippi Studios
XDS rule. The ever changing two-piece is led by multi-instrumentalist Jesse Hall who plays a mad scientist set up of amps and pedals, and a guitar with too many pick-ups. Their pop sound is unmatched by any other band in Portland, with it’s outer-space grooves and it’s minimalist approach. XDS also stands for “Experimental Dental School,” which is lovable in and of itself. Their aesthetic is incredible and unique, and their live show is something that should be attended mandatorily. Mississippi is a hell of a venue to check these dudes out, and with Sun Angle and Summer Cannibals on the bill, you’ve no excuse not to treat yourself to an early Christmas present.


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