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Under The Bridge: This Week on the Scene // 11-29 thru 12-4



Editor’s Note: Due to the Holiday, we would like to apologize for getting this out so late this week. Johnny had some great shows to recommend, we hope you made it out to some live music to work off the turkey. ¬†Below are a couple of shows that should start the week off strong and we will be back to our full-week previews on Friday.

Needlecraft // Tue. – 12-3 // Dante’s
Needlecraft are making their way back to the west coast, and I can only hope the west coast is prepared for what’s in store for them. The all-girl surf/performance art piece that is Missoula’s Needlecraft play songs about getting high, boyfriends in the double-digits, making out, tacos (and burritos!), and even a new dance craze called the Gunshot Victim. They are the only band that do what they do, and damn do they do it with style and grace. With local power-punk troopers Manx on the bill, this show is one that will be remembered in the annuls of local rock history.

Fanno Creek// Wed. – 12-4 // Mississippi Studios
Fanno Creek play the kind of feel good folk-pop that gets stuck in your head and keeps you drooling for more. With powerful, emotional and difficult harmonies fronting some very well written and executed songs, Fanno Creek has been coming up in the Portland scene, and for very good reason. Mississippi studios will be the venue to catch them at, with it’s intimate space and warm home vibe. Don’t miss it!


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