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Under The Bridge: This Week on the Scene // 11-22 thru 11-28


Thrones // Fri. – 11-22 // Record Room
Even in the thriving utopian bubble that I often feel Portland exists in, things still go awry, and in this case, one of the best and most unique venues in town is saying goodbye. I never once left the Record Room without a lighter wallet, a belly full of beer, and a few LP’s in my hand while my ears rang from the sounds of some awesome local bands. As a final hoorah, the last show will be with Thrones, the one man sludgy doom project of Joe Preston, who’s been in just about every influential metal band you can think of in the last 20 years. It will be sad to see the Record Room go, but this will be a phenomenal send off. (also playing: Sedan)

Tyrants // Fri. – 11-22 // Foggy Notion
Tyrants play some sort of insane no-wave noise music that’s impossible not to like and a live show that’s impossible not to be floored by. The drummer is in a standing position as he sweats all over his extremely minimal drum kit, while the bassist bends his body over the mic stand that’s been positioned down as far as it can go to sing at you in beautifully painful art-punk form. The guitars are spastic and intense as they fly through 45 second songs without ever stopping the momentum. Paired with Mustaphamond, the two-piece instrumental psycho-prog outfit that boasts one of the best live shows in town, this will be one you’ll regret not going to. (also playing: Order of the Gash)

Muzzy // Fri. – 11-22 // East End
Muzzy is a two-piece art-noise project comprised of drums and a keyboard running through a myriad of pedals and loops. They play one song (which looks and sounds loosely improvised), for maybe 20 minutes. The keyboardist screams through a rewired handheld telephone whist slamming the synthesizer keys and looping those sounds over a frenetic and ever changing drum beat. Muzzy is one of the most refreshing bands I’ve seen in a while, and I truly hope they stick around. Help them do that by supporting the most unique band in Portland right now. (also playing: Warm Trash, Amenta Abioto, Coma Serfs)

Sons of Huns // Sat. – 11-23 // Dante’s
Sons of Huns are releasing a full length! SONS OF HUNS ARE RELEASING A FULL LENGTH! Portland’s favorite metal trio is releasing it’s first LP entitled Banishment Ritual, a double vinyl beast from Easy Rider Records that’s sure to melt faces. These dudes have worked for years to put this out, and judging from the songs I’ve heard from it, the finished product will be worth it. A recent sponsorship by Orange amps and an amazing video for their previous single “Leaving Your Body,” SOH are on their way to big things, and fast. Catch them at Dante’s for the release show with the always lovable Gaythiest and get your sweat on. (also playing: Monogamy Party, Vultures in the Sky)

The Verner Pantons // Sat. – 11-23 // Alhambra Theatre
The Verner Pantons play the kind of Velvet Underground era garage pop that refreshes your cigarette stained brain and hearkens back to a time of excellent songwriting and sonic pleasure all around. Their three song EP is free on Bandcamp, and songs like “Melancholy Girl” immediately send good vibes with a dark aftertaste. Byrds influenced guitars jangle over clap tracks and a smoky voice, while the song as a whole gets stuck in your head right away. With local favorites Miracle Falls and the Dandelyons, this one will satiate your thirst for good old sixties rock n’ roll done by some of Portland’s finest.

Grandhorse // Sun. – 11-24 // Valentines
Grandhorse’s full length Portraiturefolio, released last summer, is a lovely mixture of space-pop and solid indie rock sure to fuel a night of dancing and drinking. Kicking off with “Short Drive With A Kidnapper,” a brutal name for such a dance-pop tune, their songwriting is akin to the greats of the early 2000s like Interpol and Arcade Fire. Grandhorse knows how to knock out a song, and at Valentines, one of the only intimate downtown venues, this should be a wonderful show filled with good people and good music. (also playing: Callow, Paulo Zappoli)


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