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Under The Bridge: This Week on the Scene // 11-15 thru 11-21



Humours // Fri. – 11-15 // Foggy Notion
Portland’s heavy music scene is becoming known for it’s extreme talent and genre defying bands, as well as it’s camaraderie and support within itself. Heavy-hitters Humours, a four piece progressive rock machine that create long, intricate songs for the stoner in all of us, are just the band to exemplify the underground metal highlights this city has to offer. Humours soar through tempo changes and atmospheric highs and lows, all while maintaining a virtuosity that’s obviously been practiced to near perfection. Dual guitars work together to create an individuality that’s matched only by the rhythm section, who’s grooves and stage presence set the tone for what’s bound to be a superior show.

1939 Ensemble // Sun. – 11-17 // Secret Society Ballroom
Have you ever uttered the words, “There should be more two-piece bands that consist solely of vibraphones and drums.” No? That’s the genius behind local vibraphone and drum duet 1939 Ensemble: The surprise behind every corner. The music that Jose Medeles and David Coniglio make takes two rather straight forward instruments and turns them on their heads. With raw beats and strange but beautiful vibe tones, their freaky jazzy noisy art jams keep your head bobbing, but also keep your ears eager for the next drum fill or alien sound. It’s astonishingly unique, and there certainly isn’t anything out there like it.

The Woolen Men // Mon. 11-18 // Kenton Club
Garage-pop trio the Woolen Men make nostalgic tunes for people who like a good hook and a little distortion. Their full length, Dog Years, was released earlier this year, but in fact is a collection of songs that they released over the last four years, and it’s damn good. Part punk, part pop, part everything in between, the Woolen Men have a little something for everyone.

Amos Val // Wed. – 11-20  // Langano Lounge
“Post-rock” isn’t a genre that’s generally thrown around the way, let’s say, “psychedelic” or “garage” are these days. And for good reason: it’s a hard genre to nail down, whether from a musician or listener standpoint. Thus finding a post-rock band that’s not only talented, but local and playing shows, is a mixture that’s damn near impossible. Lucky you, look no further than Amos Val. With drawn out, guitar heavy songs that are filled with the dark ambience, moodiness, and volume that’s sure to hit you in the gut, Amos Val are not to be missed, especially at the tiny Ethiopian basement that is Langano Lounge.

Magic Mouth // Thu. – 11-21 // Secret Society Ballroom
Magic Mouth play soulful funky indie rock n’ roll that’s sure to make you feel just about every emotion in the book. The four piece have quickly become quite the sensation here in Portland, and deservedly so. Their fearless live set is matched by none, and their astonishing new four song EP “Devil May Care” is a genre-spanning beauty of disco, soul, R&B, and just pure, uncut rock n’ roll that’s made by four of Portland’s most talented musicians.


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