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Under The Bridge: This Week on the Scene // 1-31 thru 2-6



Genders // Tue. – 2-4 // Doug Fir
Genders throwback 90s sound melds nostalgia with progress on their latest release Get Lost, which is filled with slowly built, lightly distorted, jangly dark pop tones that are hard not to fall in love with. Maggie Morris’s voice is unmistakably her own and gives the record both a light-heartedness and a broken-heartedness that are well balanced and appreciated. Having toured with Built to Spill and winning Willamette Weeks best new band 2013, it seems like the Northwest is taking notice. Here’s to hoping the rest of the world does too. (also playing: The Helio Sequence, Modern Kin)

Summer Cannibals // Wed. – 2-5 // Mississippi Studios
With ranging vocals that are strong, delicate, pretty and raw all at the same time (and music that’s smashing and eager), Summer Cannibals have more than a few things going for them right now. Taking influences from pop, punk, shoegaze, and grunge, the Cannibals latest release No Makeup (New Moss records) sounds like what it’s called – a stripped down, gritty release of fuzz-pop grrl art that doesn’t take long at all to get into. Mississippi is a venue whose sound system caters to bands that sound good already; I wouldn’t spend a Wednesday any other way.

Mothertapes // Thu. – 2-6 // Holocene
Mothertapes describe themselves as a “two man experimental rock band,” which leaves a lot to the imagination. I’ve heard “experimental” bands that were only experimenting with how much beer it took to drink before they sounded good. Right out the gate, Mothertapes experimental sound can be heard crushing heads and mashing pop/math/metal/garage and whatever the hell else they so please. Mixing influences from Battles to early Pink Floyd to the White Stripes to Ween, Mothertapes are a band I’ve never heard of that have officially convinced me that I need more and more experimentation in my life. (also playing: Hustle and Drone, Hosannas)


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