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Under The Bridge: This Week on the Scene // 1-3 thru 1-9



Bearcubbin’ // Fri. – 1-3 // Rotture
I saw math masters Bearcubbin’ most recently at a house show that the drummer from my band suggested we go see. As soon as they set up in the crowded, sweaty basement, I knew I was in for a trip. The guitarist had boxed himself into a corner with a myriad of pedals, loopers, and keyboards, while the glimmering golden drum set shimmered next to the enormous bass cabinet. The technical side to Bearcubbin’s music is overwhelming and jaw dropping, yet they still maintain interesting and progressive music and a camaraderie on stage that makes you feel warm inside. Their new album is soon to come out and it’s definitely one of the most anticipated records of 2014 in my book. (also playing: Shelter Red, Artifex Pereo & The Crash Engine)

Hot Victory // Fri. – 1-3 // The Know
Hot Victory is an instrumental band consisting of two people who play the drums. Now, whenever I explain this to someone I get a weird look and the line “Well what do you mean? It’s just two drummers?” The simple answer is yes. The complicated part is how Ben Stoller and Caitlin Love actually perform onstage with live loops, samples, midi pads, and tape machines while absolutely slaying on dual drum kits. Their cassette tape Nexus is quite the piece of art, and their live show is absolutely stunning, something that you definitely won’t see or hear anywhere else. (also playing: Smoke Rings, Night Wave)

Ali Muhareb // Sat.-  1-4 // Firkin Tavern
Ali Muhareb will be a name you’ll be hearing quite often this next year. He is releasing his debut solo effort, entitled Mujahedeen at the Firkin this Saturday, and I got a sneak peak preview of it. It sounds like if Beck and MGMT got together before they had the money or egos to make shitty music. It’s fucking awesome, and it’s just a taste of what I hope will be a lasting output from a fresh face. (also playing: Mascaras, Airsports, Radiator King)

Thanks // Sat. – 1-4 // Mississippi Studios
The dark-indie soul-pop sextet that is Portland’s Thanks is releasing their long awaited debut full length Blood Sounds this Saturday, which will definitely be a big step for them and will finally give their fans something to have and hold till death do them part. With a beautiful video for their single “The Weight, The Worry” and a dirty/polished sound that will most likely make them a household name, I would catch Thanks at Mississippi before they start selling out the Crystal. (also playing: Brownish Black)

Charts // Sun. – 1-5 // Rontoms
Charts make that kind of reverb drenched sweaty surf pop/punk that melts my heart. I had heard the name a bunch, but actually didn’t hear them until their song “Tease” popped up on More Songs for Friends, the Hovercraft Records compilation. It’s a surfy instrumental that’s heavy enough to hold weight, yet cheery and up-beat like an ice-cream cone or a swell date. That eventually led me to the Vacation 7″, which has more of Charts goodness, but with vocals and a bit more of a pop twinge on it. Glad I finally got into them, you will be to. (also playing: Tiburones)


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