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Under The Bridge: This Week on the Scene // 1-17 thru 1-23


Foxy Lemon // Fri. – 1-17 // Firkin Tavern
The unique sound dynamic of throwback rock n’ roll killers Foxy Lemon, mixed with the subtle talents of these five gentlemen make for an extremely pleasant surprise. Their live show is a step back in time both musically and aesthetically, but their speed and lust for the roll that couldn’t exist without the rock is not only refreshing, but jaw dropping. Add the three songs they just released on their bandcamp as a little teaser to their upcoming EP Quiteabitabooty, and you’ve got a band that is looking at a very successful 2014. (also playing: 100 Watt Mind)

Stoneburner // Sat. – 1-18 // The Know
Portland doom riders Stoneburner will kick the fucking gates in and storm the castle, taking every man, woman and child in their path. Well, at least that’s what their music makes it sound like they would do. The heaviness is almost palpable in their slow, intense version of that sludgy, doomy, disgusting sound, but with a very Neurosis-esque vibe in the song dynamics of clean/dirty/atmospheric/heavy. Plus, their name is a reference to a lethal weapon in Frank Herbert’s Dune, which is a plus. (also playing: Cold Blue Mountain, Bastard Feast)

The Romanes // Sat. – 1-18 // Dante’s
The last Romanes show I attended ended with sweat, booze, beers and barf and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The spot-on Ramones tribute band is totally outrageous and take you by the seat of your pants to 1978 New York. They play quite a full collection of songs from different albums and years all while being dressed as Joey, Dee Dee, Marky and Johnny (who’s even playing a vintage Mosrite!). Dust off the old Ramones albums, memorize some of the greats, and get to Dante’s to bop to some punk classics. (also playing: The Apollo 4, Broken Bodies)

The Century // Sun. 1-19 // Rontoms
I met the folks in the Century back when they were My Autumn’s Done Come, and they were some of the nicest people to make some of Portland’s freshest pop. With a new name and a revised line-up, The Century make that fiery indie sound that’s both gripping and respected, sonically pleasant yet technically progressive. I dig it, and I’m looking forward to this five-pieces future in the Portland scene. (also playing: Old Age)

Sun Angle // Tue. – 1-21 // Doug Fir
Sun Angle had a pretty awesome 2013. With a top spot in the Willy Weeks “Best New Band,” a wicked debut album called Diamond Junk on New Moss Records and a yacht load of wicked shows, they’ve been one of the busiest bands in Portland. With their amazing psychotic tripped-out punchy punk party rock, the three-piece have been working really hard to be in a successful band and sustain themselves all while staying relevant and alive in this cities scene, which is a daunting task at times. Go see these dudes and welcome them into an awesome 2014 by dancing your ass off. (also playing: Disappears)


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