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Under The Bridge: This Week on the Music Scene // 12-20 thru 12/26



Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside // Fri. – 12-20 // Doug Fir Lounge
The very unfortunate news of Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside’s breakup was announced this week, making the two shows they are playing this Friday and Saturday their last. The dirty rock n’ roll quartet plays honestly and unadulterated, Ford’s powerful voice and incredible song writing illuminating a fantastic group of talented musicians. Their most recent album Untamed Beast is a kick ass one-two punch of stellar vintage music with a beautifully new and often to-the-point lyrical take. These shows should be a killer send off to one of Portland’s favorites. (also playing: The Kids)

Towers // Sat. – 12-21 // Club 21
The pure evil that comes out of Portland’s heavy doom rippers Towers is not to be fucked with. The head banging rhythms, ear splitting distortion, and grizzled vocals make for a feeling of being lost in the woods with an angry mob close behind looking to burn you at the stake. Also on the bill are Beringia, whose most recent EP, Domesticated Animals, is a masterpiece of riffage and carnage shoved into five tracks that will leave a taste in your mouth for a few days. (also playing: Hungers)

Fine Pets // Sun. – 12-22 // The Know
Shoegaze all-stars Fine Pets play loud songs with a psychedelic hook and a style all their own. Their recently released cassette tape, No Gaze, is a ripping collage of fuzzed out guitars and driving drums, the vocals bouncing around your head and landing somewhere in your gut. Fine Pets aren’t fucking around, and that’s apparent on songs like “Sides,” an ultra heavy kick start to the tape, and “Let’s Get Married,” a more pop-centric melody with equally crushing instrumentals. Mixed with the dive-y punk atmosphere of The Know, Fine Pets are bound to make you feel good about being a little bad. (also playing: Divers, Street Eaters)

Souvenir Driver // Sun. – 12-22 // Mississippi Studios
Souvenir Driver’s self described “bliss pop” is just that: dreamy, reverb drenched guitars wail over tambourines and ranging, melancholy vocals while the pop within is undeniable. With the Smiths-esque production sound and the head bopping, stuck-in-your-head-for-days songs, Souvenir Driver never fail to keep it real (blissful). (also playing: Bombs Into You)

Just Lions // Mon. – 12-23 // Valentines
Just Lions most recent three song EP, Paper Cage, is packed with pop so catchy and lyrics so recitable you’ll drool for more when it’s over. The instrumentation, with its 90s throwback feel, is perfectly mixed with the up-front vocals and layered masterfully, making it the kind of album where something new pops up with every listen. Valentines is one of Southwest Portland’s best venues, and right before the Christmas holiday might be the time to get cozy with a drink and listen to some talented musicians rip it up. (also playing: Fanno Creek)


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