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Throwing Muses // 5-31-14 // Aladdin Theater


Throwing Muses and special guest Tanya Donelly, sweet-talked Portland with their girlish, punk ways at Saturday night’s performance at the Aladdin Theater. Throwing Muses just released Purgatory/Paradise, the first album the band has released in ten years.

Donelly opened the night with a graceful variation of punk rock, with all the necessary spunk and sass. Halfway through her set, she welcomed three girls from the audience to assist her with catcalls in the Throwing Muses song “Too Soon.”

And the evening just got better.

Kristin Hersh was joined on stage by long-time Muses members David Narcizo (drums) and Bernard Georges (bass). She wowed the audience with her insanely intense, but tasteful vocals and intricate guitar playing. They did not try hard to fit into their music. It is just natural. Donelly overjoyed fans when she joined the headliners on stage for the end of their set.

The night was a blast from the past for some, but do not be fooled: their audience was a healthy blend of long time fans and new ones as well. Throwing Muses gave an astounding performance that musically compares to few.

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