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The Ramones // 9-2-95 // Roseland Theater

Poster19950902RoselandWhether or not The Ramones invented the genre, they were without a doubt one of the most influential, storied and loved bands to rise out of New York’s punk rock scene in the 70s.

Although the group never reached monumental commercial success, they remain to this day a true American artistic institution and phenomenon. The 1980s saw many changes for the group, including an even smaller audience, and by the time 1995 rolled around, the band was ready to call it quits.

From Wikipedia:

In 1995, the Ramones released ¡Adios Amigos!, their fourteenth studio album, and announced that they planned to disband if it was not successful. Its sales were unremarkable, garnering it just two weeks on the lower end of the Billboard chart. The band spent late 1995 on what was promoted as a farewell tour. However, they accepted an offer to appear in the sixth Lollapalooza festival, which toured around the United States during the following summer.

Regardless of dwindling album sales and waning popularity, any Portland appearance by these true legends was a blessing, and this was the final of eight Rose City appearances for The Ramones.

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