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The National // 9-21-13 // Edgefield


Apparently there’s a reason that Edgefield Concerts on the Lawn end when Summer does.  The National took the stage only to look out on a crowd who was more in the mud then on the lawn.  The rain came and went, but this is Portland, and people were prepared.

Matt Berninger (lead vocals) and his dapper band mates brought their melancholy brand of Indie Rock to Troutdale over the weekend and left most in attendance forgetting their damp surroundings and lost in the band’s hypnotic drone.

Berninger attacked a bottle of wine throughout the show and would fervently pace back and forth on stage when not singing as if he was plotting to break through security at CIA Headquarters in Langley. And when he’d recompose himself and grab hold of the microphone again, instead of elaborate details of his presumed master plan, he’d wax poetically (and appropriately) about the rain in “Pink Rabbits.”

“I couldn’t find quiet / I went out in the rain /I was just soakin’ my head to unrattle my brain /somebody said you disappeared in a crowd /I didn’t understand then / I don’t understand now.”

It was a wonderful way to send off the Edgefield concert series until next Summer!

Tim Stout

Tim Stout
Co-founder of Portland Live - Tim has been promoting and covering live music for almost fifteen years and feels fortunate to have been born and raised in such a great music city.



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