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The Joy Formidable, Lost Lander, On And On // 9-5-13 // Roseland Theater


Lost Lander took the stage at the Roseland Theater at 9 pm sharp to a thin crowd of eager MFNW goers. Matt Sheehy, also of the local band Ramona Falls, began the show with gratitude and admitted that they hadn’t played in a while. Sarah Fennell (keyboards) exclaimed how stoked she was to be performing on a stage where she had seen so many great acts. Their mellow sound wafted through the air, as more music-goers streamed in.

Chicago-based On And On stepped out to an eager crowd of loyal followers. They requested that most of the lights be turned off on stage. This afforded them a mellower, psychedelic feel. Keyboardist Alissa Ricci stroked her keys in an almost zombie-like trance, letting her hair fall over her face. With catchy synth hooks and danceable beats this new but well-versed band, awed the crowd with their haunting vocals.

The crowd cheered as Rhiannon ‘Ritzy’ Bryan took the stage with her band mates. Joy Formidable, originally from North Wales, began around 2007 and became a hit after their first studio album was released in 2010. Ritzy oozes cool as she rocks her guitar and jams on stage with her bassist, Rhydian Dafydd. Her petite and feminine frame are a surprising match with her hard-core rock persona, and it’s this dynamic that seems to be the catalyst that makes this group so mesmerizing to see live. The crowd began head-banging and throwing up horns as Ritzy and Rhydian jammed to one of their hits, ‘This Ladder is Ours’. When all was said and done the crowd was witness to some amazing indie rock, from three distinct and unique bands.

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