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STRFKR // 10-17-13 // Crystal Ballroom


Eager fans chanted and stomped their feet on the Crystal Ballroom’s springboard floor as Joshua Hodges, Shawn Glassford, Keil Corcoran and Patrick Morris took the stage and immediately catapulted the crowd into a massive dance party.

It was the perfect Autumn evening for Portland’s cherished synth pop band, STRFKR, to play the Crystal in what they have announced would be their last hometown show for the foreseeable future.

The band played in front of an LED video wall which produced perfectly synchronized visuals to complement their electro-pop sound. With no spotlights on the members of STRFKR, they looked like mere silhouettes for much of the show.

STRFKR released their fourth album, Miracle Mile, earlier this year and played a majority of the songs on it, including the disco-sounding track “While I’m Alive.” Catch the newly released video for it here:

While they did play a lot of new songs, they remained loyal to their fans and played crowd favorites like “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second,” “German Love,” and “Medicine.”

About half way through the show things got a little crazy as trash bags full of balloons were unloaded onto the crowd and the band was joined onstage by a troop of bunnies, astronauts and other strangely costumed creatures. The evening peaked when the “astronaut” mounted a large inflatable raft and surfed his away around the ballroom. It was a hilarious and impressive spectacle to see. The show wound up being half electronica concert, half party, and fully entertaining.

Although it was hard to make out what lead singer/creator Joshua Hodges was saying to the audience at times, it was obvious that each member was very happy to be home and playing in front of such an enthusiastic, wild crowd.

STRFKR hit on every note with both their songs and visuals, and there’s no doubt that everyone walked out with tired, dancing feet and smiling faces.

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