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Sleigh Bells // 10-11-13 // Roseland Theater


Brooklyn noise-pop duo, Sleigh Bells, assaulted the ears and eyes of an energized crowd Friday night at the Roseland Theater. PDX concert goers were fortunate to get to see the amped band play just three days after releasing their third studio album, Bitter Rivals.

Guitarist/producer Derek Miller and lead singer/lyricist Alexis Krauss emerged on stage and immediately began to blast the crowd with their trademark intensity. Hard-punching, heavy sounds of electro-beats mixed with wailing guitars and power-pop vocals are what create the distinct Sleigh Bells’ sound.

Krauss burst onto the stage wearing a full-length, leopard print boxing robe with the words “Bitter Rivals” on the back, and Miller wielded the tiger-themed guitar that is pictured on the front of the new album. They opened the night with new a song called “Minnie,” followed by crowd favorite “Comeback Kid,” and then continued to play a mix of new and old tracks for the rest of the night.

It’s safe to say that Krauss epitomizes the look and sound of a badass rocker chick. Her vocals can range anywhere from powerful and violent, to sugared and sweet, and boy does she have the look. Her signature black hair with straight-cut bangs whipped and flailed as she head-banged and danced across the stage in her jewel-studded cutoff shorts. She frequently leaned into the crowd and at times, threatened to surf as she’s done in the past.

The duo ended the night with a three song encore with Miller playing an acoustic guitar, not something they’ve previously incorporated into other albums or shows. Even with only an acoustic, Miller still managed to shred it while playing their final song “A/B Machines.”

One thing blatantly apparent throughout the night was that these guys LOVE what they do and will continue having a blast blurring the lines of rock and pop.

Allison Keeney


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