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Charles Bradley, Shuggie Otis // 9-7-13 // Crystal Ballroom


When you encounter a musician that has been playing since the 60s and still jams today, it transports you back in time. Shuggie Otis, a legendary musician and songwriter, played the Crystal Ballroom for MFNW, in support of his newest album, Wings of Love. The room was packed full of eager listeners, excited for their chance to hear Otis jam and that he did. The highlight of the show was when he played his best known song, ‘Strawberry Letter 23’. A classic song, which has been featured in films and covered most famously by The Brothers Johnson. Otis’s supporting band was equally talented and awe-inspiring. Their performance together left the crowd abuzz.

Charles Bradley’s backup band, The Menahan Street Band, strolled on stage and began to get the crowd swaying. After a few tunes, “The Flaming Eagle of Soul” entered the arena. Bradley’s emotion is palpable. This 65 year old is not your average senior, he has walked a difficult path and it shows on his face. You can hear the heartfelt emotion in his voice and he captures a crowd like very few can. His sultry and raspy voice are a perfect partnership with the soulful and funky sounds of the Mehahan Street Band. Also, Bradley can move. His years as a James Brown impersonator have served him well, as he replicates Brown’s screechy yells and drop-to-your-knees dance moves.

The crowd began to separate into couples and hold each other during Bradley’s romantic ballad, ‘Lovin You Babe’. He even expertly covers Neil Yong’s, ‘Heart of Gold’, with a bluesy flair. To see Bradley perform is truly a memorable experience and you can guarantee it will stay with you for a long time.

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