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Shakey Graves // 5-27-15 // Crystal Ballroom

20150527ShakeyGraves5Fans packed into the Crystal Ballroom for a sold out show from Shakey Graves as I raced over to the show following a dramatic Timbers victory.  I admittedly had low expectations for the show, not because of the music but of the fanbase that Shakey Graves draws.  His last show at the Wonder sounded a bit like a Beatles show with women screaming at Mr. Shakey himself (Alejandro Rose-Garcia).  I get it, the dude has movie star looks (in fact he has a role in the movie Sin City) and he has that Texas swagger.  My expectations were blown away once they took the stage, Shakey Graves brought it and brought it loud enough to drown out any screams.  The three piece band’s driving percussion and overdriven guitars filled the room with what felt like a wall of sound.

Shakey does have great interaction with his crowds though with genuine humbleness.  Songs like “Dearly Departed” prompted the audience to provide backup vocals and clap percussive interludes.   “If Not for You” had the spring-loaded floor rocking from a collective boot stomp.  Shakey also moved to a small keyboard (draped in a Texas flag) for some more intimate songs of his newest album, Nobody’s Fool.  Overall a pretty rowdy night in the Crystal, we will surely miss him at this year’s Pickathon.

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