Posted June 17, 2015 by Ryan Sullivan in Show Reviews

Savant // 6-10-15 // Whiskey Bar

The energy was high at The Whiskey Bar last Wednesday night. Fans jumped up and down to the musical queues of Norwegian producer Savant. Savant hit the ground running, pleasing the crowd with the energetic sounds and his equally physical stage presence that he is known for.

Savant’s music has a fresh, sharp edge to it and is a welcome sound in EDM. After seeing Savant preform live, it comes as no surprise he reached a #1 spot on Beatport in 2012, and has over ten albums under his belt. Savant’s style spans across many genres, but most place him into Dubstep, Electro-House, and/or Glitch-Hop.

While Savant may not be on the tip of all EDM fans’ tongue yet, his rise to the top gets closer with every beat.

Ryan Sullivan



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