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Preview: Bill Frisell // 1-30-15 // Aladdin Theater


At this point, it seems redundant to call Bill Frisell one of the most innovative guitarists on the planet. He’s played with everybody and he’s seemingly covered every genre under the stars in his illustrious career.

For his latest project, he has set his goals loftier than something merely under the stars, but instead, amongst the stars, as his most recent record, Guitar in the Space Age, aims to tackle classic pop songs from yesterday (late 50s to the mid 60s) that he gained inspiration from as a kid and turn them into something not necessarily futuristic, but certainly out of this world.

Or, as Frisell himself puts it:

There was this idea of sort of how far could we take our imaginations and that seemed to be connected with science and finding new things and discovering new things. It’s really about that feeling about possibility and that fed directly into the music and what was happening with the music at the time. For me that’s what music has always been about… you never get to the end of it. Whatever you play, it creates a new kaleidoscope of some other infinite possibilities.

Below you can watch a video featuring an interview with Frisell as he explains the inspiration behind making this record.


Frisell brings his space age music to the Aladdin Theater on January 30th, click here for tickets.

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