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Phantogram, Wild Ones // 12-17-14 // Crystal Ballroom

The Crystal Ballroom was packed, and then some, for the final night of 94.7‘s annual December To Remember run of shows.  The local pop group, Wild Ones, got the night started.

Danielle Sullivan, the petite lead singer, has an angelic voice and is the focal point of the band. You can feel the passion within her as she sings and you can see it as she performs, often falling to her knees and clenching her fists.

The band’s style is ever-evolving and always taking on new forms and their influences seem to stem from several different genres, yet their sound is cohesive. Despite several setbacks, the band successfully released their album, Keep It Safe, in 2013. Since then the band has become one of Portland’s most beloved and is sure to continue to thrive.

20141217WildOnes2 20141217WildOnes

The venue began to pulsate prior to Phantogram hitting the stage. The duo– based in New York– is made up of Joshua Carter and Sarah Barthel.

To say that this group is entertaining is a vast understatement. Barthel’s performances are mesmerizing. With the level of energy she puts forth, her grace on stage (and her legs for days), this girl can command a stage.

Carter’s guitar skills aren’t anything to bypass either. They are truly original, with a mix of dark ambience and booty shakin’ beats, they create a sound that is their own. Not only are their tracks captivating but their light show is on the level of Ghostland Observatory or Chromeo.

Barthel, at one point, covered up her short shorts and put on a large golden dress covered in prisms. She then began to spin around on a platform as golden beams of light hit her and reflected back to the audience, in what was surely the most photographed moment of the show. The whole room erupted and began to jam as their current radio hit, “Fall In Love” began to play. This high energy group was the perfect end to a very memorable month of music.

20141217Phantogram  20141217WPhantogram2


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