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Particle // 1-30-15 // Aladdin Theater

20150130Particle7Particle returned to the Aladdin Theater a week ago on Thursday night. Since their semi-hiatus back into 2006, Particle has only performed a small number of shows.  Keyboardist Steve Molitz felt the overwhelming desire to relaunch Particle as a full-time band just last year.

Molitz– the only original member left– has assembled a stellar lineup including guitarist Ben Combe, bassist Clay Parnell, and drummer Brandon Draper.  This Portland show also included a special guest: Allen Aucoin from the Disco Biscuits who abandoned the drums and played bass with the group.

Despite being newly formed there is a natural dynamism emanating from the band from the first notes which turned a half empty Aladdin Theater into what felt like a packed show.  With the first ten rows of the theater removed, most of the audience gathered on the dance floor for a throw down and you could sense the energy building in the room as the band and the fans fed off of it.

As Molitz mentioned in his interview with us earlier in the week, “We’ve really had those moments with this lineup, we’ve kind of all been getting to that place every night where there’s just a lot of great chemistry and I think that all stems from how excited we are to be out on tour playing this music and seeing all the fans. It’s just been a really, really exciting tour so far.”

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