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Of Montreal // 3-26-15 // Wonder Ballroom

20150326OfMontreal3Of Montreal returned to the Wonder Ballroom and the sold out all-ages show demonstrates how wide ranging of an audience they attract.

It’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly what makes this band great, likely it’s a combination of everything from the intense visual display to their catchy pop tunes and down to the deep grooves.  This is a band that is not afraid to push the limits visually, musically and/or creatively.

The show felt like it was put on by a theater group on acid with several choreographed scenes, costumes, and impressive lighting.  Scenes included angels perched on the shoulders of angels and large breasted dogs being humped by Abraham Lincoln wearing a Spiderman costume…   I guess you had to be there.

Of Montreal has clearly demonstrated the ability to not only throw a great party like they did at the Wonder Ballroom but also to capture that energy in the studio, with thirteen solid studio albums and currently touring in support of their newest, Lousy With Sylvanbriar.

Gerard O'Sullivan



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