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North Mississippi Allstars // 1-25-14 // Dante’s

20140125NorthMississippiAllStars5Brothers Luther (guitar) and Cody (drums) Dickinson, along with Lightnin’ Malcolm (bass), brought their swampy blues rock to Dante’s on Saturday night, in support of the 2013 release World Boogie Is Coming, and reminded anyone in attendance who may have doubted it that blues music is alive and well.

The venue choice seemed a bit odd heading into the show, and though it was packed perhaps a bit too tight for my comfort , there was something about the fit between sound and sight on this night that felt just right, and it made for a special show.

The guys, as always, leaned heavily on blues arrangements but managed to mix in heavy doses of everything from country to hard rock to drumline.  Indeed at one point all four musicians (they were joined by Stud, who opened the show, along with Malcolm) marched off the stage and throughout the crowd, each with a different drum, banging away and chanting un-amplified call-and-response lyrics, as the crowd clapped and sang along.

There’s no question that the musicianship between the two brothers runs so deep that it goes beyond the obvious explanations of experience and bloodline but I find that there’s a bond between the two that is just so automatic and natural. This was my first peak at the band playing with anyone on bass not named Chris Chew, and I was impressed with how nicely Malcolm slid into the group’s dynamic, often pushing them into new territories.

Tim Stout

Tim Stout
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