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Neon Trees // 6-9-14 // Roseland Theater


Nightmare and The Cat started out the Monday night event to a slowly filling venue of teens and their parents. This indie pop band is made up of Django Stewart (vocals), Samuel Stewart (guitar), Claire Acey (percussion, vocals), Scott Henson (bass) and Spike Phillips (drums). Stewart had the look of an 80’s punk rocker; he dons a lot of eye make-up and wore a studded leather jacket. Henson’s bass work was fantastic and he often raised his guitar, in what looked like a salute to the crowd. Look out for their album, Simple, coming out later this summer.

Smallpools’ fun-loving pop music got the crowd going with their keyboard-heavy sound. They formed just last year and there is rumor that their sophomore album will be coming out later this year. At one point Sean Scanlon (vocals) jumped out into the crowd and walked on the hands of onlookers. The rest of the band is made up of Mike Kamerman (guitar), Joseph Intile (bass) and Beau Kuther (drums). Scanlon chatted with the crowd and made mention that some have complained about the band’s name, stating that it references small pools where killer whales are harmfully kept. In hopes to diminish these complaints, the band lovingly created a song called, ‘Killer Whales’, which they played to a bouncing crowd.

Anticipation mounted as a white tarp hung over the Roseland Theater stage. Bright lights and stage antics could be seen as shadows until the sheet dropped and Neon Trees began to play.

From the start the brightly colored front man, Tyler Glenn, could be seen walking down a staircase in the middle of the stage, with a neon-green, faux fur coat draped over his shoulders. With each word, lyric and song Glenn brought more and more energy to his performance. His passion and unique dance style made it so it was difficult to watch anyone but him on stage. He often did the ‘Michael Jackson pose’ of standing on his tiptoes and belted out his choruses on his knees.

The rest of Neon Trees is made up of Chris Allen (guitar, vocals), Branden Campbell (bass guitar, vocals) and Elaine Bradley (drums, percussion, vocals). The band is touring in support of their newest album Pop Psychology. It’s clear that this album pokes fun at the everyday hardships of life. The band’s website goes on to explain that Glenn was going through a lot of personal turmoil and doubted that another album was possible.

In the end, this turmoil lead to what you hear on their newest release and in their show Monday night.

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