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Moon Duo // 3-28-15 // Mississippi Studios

20150328MoonDuo2Guitarist Ripley Johnson and keyboardist Sanae Yamada were joined by drummer John Jeffrey for a Moon Duo (or– more appropriately– a Moon Trio) set at Mississippi Studios.

The band took the stage bathed in an intense light show provided by a rear projector. The lighting created a psychedelic scene on stage and the trio provided the appropriate soundtrack.

Sanae opened with an infectious beat that repeated for the length of the song, allowing Johnson and Jeffrey to improvise wildly, which set the tone for the rest of the evening.

There is something hypnotic about this band and it’s best to just submit to the sound and let your mind wander in and out of these driving rhythms. Any initial critique quickly melts away once you surrender to the flow.

Gerard O'Sullivan


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