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Minus The Bear // 6-29-14 // Doug Fir


The night of Seattle musicians began with Dust Moth. A female-led, 6-piece alt rock band.  The band, only listed as; Irene/Ryan/Mark/Andy/Matt/Steve on the group’s Facebook page, had a ton of energy and Irene’s stage presence was undeniable. Many of their songs had a melancholy undertone. It seemed as though they hadn’t quite determined their message or style but could be a band to keep an eye on.

Next up was Slow Bird, an ambient indie rock trio. The band is made up of Matt Street (drums), Jennae Quisenberry (keyboard, lead vocals) and Joshua Dore (guitar). Quisenberry’s voice was melodic, her lyrics almost floating in the air above the crowd. She often growled out lyrics and wasn’t afraid to use her voice as the amazing instrument that it is. It’s admirable that this small trio can create such loud and memorable sounds.

The room was jam packed when Minus the Bear took the stage in the cozy confines of the Doug Fir Lounge. Jake Snider (guitar, lead vocals) was wearing a plain white t-shirt and was oddly clean shaven. As the band started to unfold their set list, the crowd began to bounce about while many sang along to the choruses. Guitarist Dave Knudson’s energy is contagious; several fans near him tried to reach out and touch him. He even mouthed to one that he couldn’t hear them while pointing to his earplugs.

Knudson’s unique technique of tapping his guitar creates countermelodies that truly are mind-boggling at times. The other Seattle-based band members include Cory Murchy (bass), Erin Tate (drums) and Alex Rose (keyboards, backup vocals). Their music runs seamlessly from psychedelic to rock to inde and back again. At several points the crowd raised their hands and swayed to the melody. Towards the end of the show, the band played two of their better known numbers, “Throwin’ Shapes” and “My Time”, where the crowd broke out into full on dancing.

Minus The Bear is a band that continues to stay relevant and entertain their fans to the fullest. Their performances are worth catching once or better yet, over and over again.

Carolyn Sabin



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