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Max Bemis // 1-19-14 // Doug Fir

20140119MaxBemisSunday night’s show at Doug Fir was an endearing and intimate display from an incredibly connected set of performers.  Max Bemis (of Say Anything) headlined the show, but joining him was; Merriment, Matt Pryor (of the Get Up Kids), Allison Weiss, and Perma (Sherri Dupree of Eisley with Max Bemis).

The night began with Merriment, siblings Collin and Christie Dupree (brother and sister of Sherri), playing songs from their newly released single “Backwards”. Even amidst technical issues they were still able to woo the audience with sweet melodies, as well as their appreciation for Voodoo Doughnuts.

Allison Weiss charmed the audience with her ability to rock a stage solo while sharing her impressive knack for magnetic humor. Weiss’ charismatic performance had the audience in love with her.

Matt Pryor came out and gave more to an already enthusiastic crowd. For fans of Pryor’s previous projects, his solo performance was nostalgic. After a few songs, his bassist brought out a banjo and put a little folk into punk.

And to top off an already perfect night Max Bemis’ performance was impeccable. Even as a solo performer, he had each person in the crowd focused on him and singing every lyric. Bemis savored each time the audience sang his songs for him. Halfway through the set, his wife, Sherri, and their daughter, Lucy, glided on stage to share a song and a bittersweet moment. After darling Lucy made her exit, Sherri and Max (or Perma) played a few songs from their new album Two of a Crime.

The highlight of the night: the sight of those two doting on one another. Max and Sherri are a tender balance of contrasting, yet intertwining talents. Bemis delighted the audience with many more familiar songs of Say Anything. Just when we thought the show would end, he brought out Pryor to play a Get Up Kids song, as well as a rather amusing cover of the Wu Tang Clan.

The interactions between each performer as well as the audience gave the night a wholesome sense of family and friendship that truly made the experience memorable.

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