Hello baby, I see you there, flowers springing in your hair I'm coming down the mountain, the clouds are there

so I skipped the fence and went to the Fano

hello baby, won't you die hello baby, stay alive

I cannot focus, the sun's to Bright so I waited in the forest until night

you're the only one who keeps me in sight


I got my fingers crossed, my hand insight I think I'm feeling kind of lucky

the Ace of Spades is treating me right

no one knows or cares if the winds that blow are fair just as long as the dealers dealing money

Pass the Jack until I'm feeling fine

Cuz I got another woman riding on the line

the waitress is smoking until she's soaking with sin and I think she forgot my last bottle of gin

well my hand has been hot, I can't nearly stop But lately I've been feeling kind of funny

I've been dealt a whole lot of diddly squat And my face is red, I'm running low on bread I think I should go to bed

But I'm heading to the table instead

my luck has run out, got nothing to show

the money I made, my money’s running out the door all I got now is a wish to Dream On

and scratching my head, I'm all out of bread finally time for bed

wish I was at the table instead


get drunk sipping on the bottle like your daddy did fireworks a blazing state militias in their bed closed you were looking for a good time, Ed's in the toilet lid if you're going to build Bridges

got to go To Where the River Flows

Pass it my direction so my weary eyes cant see anymore finally found just what we're looking for

All of us are thinking about you know we ain't all free maybe cuz I'm Different maybe cuz you're not like me look past the dawn's day baby than you might see you think we're living in the land of the free?

Time’s right, gotta fight so everything will be alright

you were sipping on the bottle never knew it was going to bite come on now baby, you're going to have to lend a hand

give it all you got baby maybe then you'll understand EMPTY ROAD

I drive down an empty road at night left there all alone, still I'm too high

got to get back, got to get back to the levy

when the strangers come, I walked right out the door

I don't have to sleep walk anymore

the child I once knew is fall into the floor what are you staring at me for

The Strangers in the Night

my buddies are blowing up their dreams wake up Once a Night startled by screens end in the daytime they see the moon beams strangers out the door

I drive down and empty road at night my footsteps are walking on gravel but I wish it was cobblestone

cut them Strangers In My Mind


Seems I got to have a change of scene

'Cause every night I have the strangest dreams Imprisoned by the way it could have been

Left here on my own or so it seems

I got to leave before I start to scream

But someone's locked the door and took the key

You feelin' alright?

I'm not feelin' too good myself Well, you feelin' alright?

I'm not feelin' too good myself

Boy you sure took me for one big ride Even now I sit and wonder why

And when I think of you I start myself to cry out I just can't waste my time, I must keep dry Gotta stop believin' in all your lies

'Cause there's too much to do before I die, hey

You feelin' alright?

I'm not feelin' too good myself You feelin' alright?

I'm not feelin' too good

Don't get too lost in all I say

Though at the time I really felt that way

But that was then, and now you know it's today I can't get off, I guess I'm here to stay

'Til someone comes along and takes my place, yeah With a different name, oh, and a different face

You feelin' alright?

I'm not feelin' too good myself Yeah, not feeling too good myself

Oh, woah, I'm not, well I'm not feeling good myself

You can turn away, feeling, almighty I'm not feeling too good myself


At the train station on the mainline to hell

with the dark stars above us, and the good old boys in jail it's hard to think when you ain't dreaming boy

people Rollin there dice for a change

and the dealers got no time to deal is cards cuz the band in the bar is working overtime

train rolling down the line, on the lonely side I believe that it's right

strangers in the corner pedaling for cash

and the people take advice and play their games

in the getaway car ain't too far from the long-lost cash

But you know there's one thing to keep in mind that's a long lost train will be on time

to carry you home where the sun is always Shining


All this time, I've been lost in a world without you turn back the clock the way it was

the clouds have all returned, the bridge is all have burned come on now, can't you learn

I don't know mama what I should do

you give me options baby, I give them back to you the time has come, too real, I don't know how to feel the way you cut me down to size

you left me on a string like a crazed Muppet Show you cut my string today

you killed me yesterday, a soul to rest away all I can do now is play


Everyone I’ve ever known and considered a friend so true,

Was there staring through my eyes and I made sure that they knew; That I am happy as can be as I look right down on you.

And an album plays constantly, plyaing whatever I want it to.

They danced away the night and day, they knew I’d be thrilled “I shall be released,” says it all and it played as I lay still.

Like Van Morrison said, we will sail into the mystic sometime

From way up here, the mystic’s clear and you know I’m feeling fine

Feelin fine way up here, music in the air

Feelin fine in the mystic clear, lovely music everwhere

Of course you’ve seen better days but the best are yet to come Take that as a grain of hope, don’t turn your back and run Music taught me that someday soon we’ll be together again

In the Promised Land you cannot lose because everbody wins

So many songs, so many tales of leaving the earth too soon This is a song reminding you that I’m standing on the moon Observing all and grinning wide as I see you way down there You grin too because now you know we’ve got music in the air

Feelin fine way up here, music in the air

Feelin fine in the mystic clear, lovely music everywhere


He's the one who hides behind a smile

but when in fact he ain't been happy in quite a while he's the one who listens well you cry

but no one was there when he wept and wondered why

always had a grin, there through thick and thin always seemed to win but,

the nice guys lose again

you never knew how much he really cared

the thought of you and him made you oh so scared and all those years you kept on passing and by deep down inside he wished he could die

a tortured soul that could never fly

why did you say you loved him, was it just to see him try broken bruised and battered, but he's still a friend

all he really learned was the nice guys lose again


i count down the days till my land becomes free but it's not me

and I wander through my mind till the stars in the sky do not shine

look closely now you can see a smiling face but it's not me

in the darkness there is light shining through Meadows in the night Feels Alright

give it to me now

the wolf is Drawing Near ease my mind another way

I need you to stay with me for a spell

cannot forget how she left me soaking wet in the rain

and the pain lingers on as I sit here all alone with my dreams

but it's not as it seems children laughing in the streams they're looking for me

please don't leave me now the path I've tread upon is slowly running out

The end is coming close I ran straight out of Hope and hopped right into bed

and my feet are filled with lead and my lungs just bled instead of working fine

the hour has come and gone she put this ring down on my palm it shine like gold

in the end she turned away I don't know why I cannot say she could not stay


Can you tell me where I'm going I can tell you where I've been been down and out for so long this old world is wearing me thin when I think about the future, the past don't fit in

spend a little time to ease my mind so I can get up and do it again

there ain't telling how or why the hurricane hits the sky life is looking grey at best

eating my soul nowhere left to go

I think I'll go to the show because I need you

breaking down the road

saying things from someone else

feeling that final day the day she went my way

One of these days everything that I want going to be mine and if it ain't, that'll be alright as long as there's sunshine

I think about the times that I've wronged myself, but I'm alright because I need you


Went Down to Georgia just the other day

got to pick up my family, it's been so long I've been away then I went to the jail house to pick up my release stepped inside a cell block 4 it was full of police

And I’m free, Sunshine Morning Light

I went to the coast to see my friends

looked up in the sky and found they were blowing in the wind so I hit the clothesline to see if they were there

looked all around no one here I’m free, Sunshine Morning Light


I pick up this old 6 string instrument to my soul always Taking Chances when I let the dice roll it's so easy shelter glances under pressure

if you're going to have a good time, you got to pay the toll let me be you if you want me to