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Interview with Tim Perry (Ages and Ages)

AgesAndagesRecently our own Nick Peets had a chance to catch up with Tim Perry, the bandleader and lead singer for Portland’s Ages and Ages.  They’re coming off a successful mini European tour and about to embark on a meaty national tour that will take them well into April.

Be sure to catch them on this tour this Saturday night (March 1st) at Mississippi Studios!  Also be sure to catch their new record, Divisionary, which will be released on March 25th (Partisan Records).

Portland Live: I’m really interested in getting your take on working with Tony Lash on this new record, what was that process like?

Tim Perry: It was great! Tony is a very meticulous dude and working with him is an exercise in sort of finding the right mics and preamps and the right sounds. He has a very sort of clear idea of what he wants to get from any given instrument from, you know, kick drum to guitar to whatever else and that can be nice to just kind of sit back and let other people worry about that kind of thing, kind of explaining them in layman’s terms what you’re looking for. He’s good at what he does… he’s a buddy too.

PL: There’s a lot of parts on the record and a lot of members in your band, did you guys go into the studio with solidified ideas of how the songs were going to sound or do you kind of go in with an acoustic guitar and say, “this is the song and let’s build it from here.”?

TP: It depends, you know? Different songs are at different points in their writing stage so it depends on the song but for the most part, you know, we just… I provided Tony with a bunch of demos and they already had kind of like… you know, it was acoustic and we kind of built it around that. I think everybody was interested in keeping the fundamentals there and that’s not necessarily trying to take it off into the land of fireworks and explosions and what not.

PL: It can be easy to overdo it with the ear candy, I hear you.

TP: Yeah, we’ve never been that kind of band, I mean like our interest is in truly trying to capture what we’re capable of doing live in the studio instead of the other way around. In this day and age you can have a hundred tracks on any given song with all kinds of things that you’re just simply incapable of doing live. Our goal is to just sort of reflect the actual raw energy in this band as it is.

PL: You guys just got back from Europe, what was you most memorable show from the tour?

TP: You know honestly, overall the most memorable thing was just the fact that we did a lot better than we expected [laughs]. We had never been over there so we weren’t really… you know, we had our fingers crossed and we were excited but we were also kind of preparing ourselves for a potentially dark reality of just… sort of like not playing in front of a lot of people or playing in front of people that maybe, you know, weren’t necessarily there to see us, so I mean one of the last places we played was this town called Haldern in Germany that was the home of the Haldern Pop Festival which is a really big festival and it’s a very very small town and very sort of like unaffected by Western culture. It was one of the more authentic experiences that we had I think.  It was a beautiful town, super nice people, they fed us amazingly and provided us with a candlelight dinner in a small room with like 40 or 50 people in a town we’ve never been to… it was awesome! They just treated us great and that was like all of the places we went… everywhere… Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, all of it was just… it was good and they treat you really well over there.

PL: Getting on the road and road-dogging is a difficult task and you guys are doing the honorable thing so I commend you for that and good luck with your show coming up this weekend!

TP: Thank you very much, I really appreciate the kind words. We’re really excited so yeah, we appreciate your support!

Tim Stout

Tim Stout
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