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Horse Feathers // 5-8-15 // Revolution Hall

20150509HorseFeathersHorse Feathers has a feel-good, indie folk sound that will make the most apprehensive dancers sway and nod to the music. The band– playing a homecoming show at Revolution Hall in front of friends, family, and long time fans– played a mix of new and old songs from their most recent album, So It Is With Us. The band’s musicianship is impressive; The violin player even played a saw (!) and somehow it works with their sound. Would you expect anything less from a band from Stumptown?

Their up tempo songs are the perfect soundtrack for a summer drive in the country with the windows down and the slower songs will make you want to cuddle up close to your significant other on a lazy afternoon. In a recent interview about the new album, front man Justin Ringle talks about going from a “divorce” band to a “weekend” band. I feel he and the rest of Horse Feathers are well on their way of becoming a “weekend” band with this new album and based on the fun energy of their live show.

Overall, the show was great, the band was solid, and a good portion of the crowd was enjoying themselves standing and dancing instead of sitting and waiting to be impressed.

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