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Hockey, Saint Motel, SWIMM // 8-3-13 // Wonder Ballroom


The Wonder Ballroom was dark and the all-ages side of the show was jammed all the way up to the stage. The opening act, SWIMM, was playing their debut show in Portland, and their bass-heavy sound was matched well with soft vocals.  The night’s headliners, Hockey, joined them on stage for an all out rock party.

Saint Motel followed the opener with a quirky keyboardist for a front man. All of the band members were lively performers and it seemed that their guitarist and bassist were having a contest to see who could jam the hardest. The crowd was loving it and most of the place was swaying, if not all-out dancing.

Up next, Hockey took the stage and the crowd roared from the first note! The venue quickly filled with more music seekers and the dancing continued throughout the set as the smoke machine and lights really added to the show’s already upbeat tone. The guitarist from SWIMM joined Hockey for part of the show and when they played “Song Away,” the crowd bobbed their heads in approval and sang along loudly.

This show truly seemed to be a collaborative effort between all three bands; So many times you attend shows where the lineup is a bit disjointed and you’re not sure how they all ended up on the same bill. This was not one of those shows.


Carolyn Sabin



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