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Gabriel & Dresden // 5-16-15 // Whiskey Bar

20150516GabrielAndDresden2The world famous DJ duo Gabriel & Dresden returned to Portland’s Whiskey Bar for the first live set in their four-month North American tour.

From open to close, devoted fans took to the melodic sounds and electronic beats for their first or hundredth time. Since this was a stop on their Classics Only tour, fans who are new to their extensive list of mixes came to the right show.

They didn’t play anything that was made after 2008, which made for a nostalgic four hours of non-stop electronic music. Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden are right at home playing large arenas or  smaller, more intimate venues such as this one.

As one of EDM’s longstanding, award-winning DJs and producers; Gabriel & Dresden put on an amazing set showcasing back-to-back nostalgic and euphoric mixes. Eleven historic years of electronica in one show can only leave a smile on their fans’ faces!

[Editor’s note: Originally in this review we stated incorrectly that some new cuts were mixed in between the classics but have since changed that line. We apologize for the original inaccuracy.]

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