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Fun., Tegan & Sara // 8-29-13 // Edgefield


A light rain began to drizzle down and refresh the crowd as Tegan and Sara took the stage at McMenamins Edgefield.  The sisters, hailing from Canada, joked that they hated that they brought the rain with them. They switched out guitars fairly often and Tegan jumped on her keyboard every few songs. A giant screen streamed video as they played and when their last song, “Closer,” began, the lyrics were displayed for the whole crowd to join in.

The humidity was high and so was the anticipation for the headliners, Fun.  The screams of anticipation and excitement were almost deafening as they eventually took the stage. Lead vocalist Nate Ruess joined his drummer and guitarist on an upper ramp of the stage for a mellow start to the show but after that, the energy of the entire band nearly exploded off the stage. Ruess barely stood still for more than a few seconds and his quirky ever-present facial expressions conveyed his absolute joy to be performing.

Andrew Dost, the catch-all musician for the band, could be seen rocking on the piano during one song and playing trumpet the next. The entire performance was being filmed by several camera people and the band’s performance was displayed on the enormous screen in the background. This was much needed since the venue was completely packed all the way from the stage to the entrance. The rain continued to sprinkle as the show went on and Fun. began to get into their hits. They even performed a surprising rendition of, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” (Rolling Stones). The eclectic crowd sang and cheered for the band throughout the rainfall and eventually filed out into the muggy night.

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