Posted August 25, 2014 by Tim Stout in Media

Dolorean // 5-31-14 // Mississippi Studios (full show)


Portland Live favorite’s, Dolorean played their final show about three months ago at Mississippi Studios, and it was captured in this fantastic video. Thanks for sharing, fellas!

Traded For Fire, The Unfazed, Black Hills Gold, Heather Remind Me How This Ends, Disputed Trail, Jenny Place Your Bets, You Don’t Want To Know, Beachcomber Blues, Thinskinned, Just Don’t Leave Town, These Slopes Gave Me Hope, If I Find Love, Hard Working Dogs, Violence In The Snowy Fields, Razor Love, Hannibal, MO

Tim Stout

Tim Stout
Co-founder of Portland Live - Tim has been promoting and covering live music for almost fifteen years and feels fortunate to have been born and raised in such a great music city.


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