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David Ramirez // 5-31-15 // Doug Fir

20150531DavidRamirez01Doug Fir’s bartenders were busy on this fine night. The Rocketboys started it off and the floor had a lot of feet tappin’ on it as they raised the vibe pretty early with their topics of romance, goodness-of-life, and affirmative existence which provided an ambiance to keep everyone going.

At the end of their set, they hooked the fans into some participatory fun. They were a lively bunch and brought the crowd’s blood flow back up to their heart only to let David Ramirez draw it back out. Ramirez followed the upbeat Rocketboys, and he eased the crowd back to a more grounded level.

It’s as if he’d picked his sound up off the floor of a late 50s dive bar and meshed it through to the mid-80’s. This allowed for a seasoned sound, seasoned not only by his talent, but by the pain that he often sings about. Pain and unsaturated color. Strip the world of it’s everyday color and you’ll find his songs. Those moments of agony that we have pulled out of the dirt and wear.

He sings for those that don’t, not unlike a young Nebraska-era Springsteen. He delivered with the picks and stood just as strong with the pipes.

Jeremy Wolford



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