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Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola // 12-7-14 // Mississippi Studios


In what’s quickly become an annual holiday celebration, Charlie Hunter and Scott Amendola returned to Mississippi Studios to grace us with their style of holiday cheer in the form of driving grooves and improvisation.

Rarely do concerts offer the insight into the secret language that musicians share on stage, but simply watching Hunter and Amendola play you get a certain sense of that intimate bond that’s been developed over decades of playing together. These are two musicians at the top of their game and they are inspirational to watch for anyone that aspires for such creative freedom.

The duo moved through their quick 90-minute set working through a couple of Duke Ellington numbers and a cover of Lorde’s “Royals.” (see video below for a taste of what that sounded like)

Charlie’s ability on the guitar has been reviewed over and over again but his shows always provide something new and fresh.

Gerard O'Sullivan



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