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Béla Fleck & The Flecktones // 4-9-99 // Crystal Ballroom


When a band contains one of the best banjo players (Béla Fleck) and one of the best bassists (Victor Wooten) on the planet, to go along with a percussionist who plays a self-invented instrument called the drumitar (Victor’s brother, Roy Wooten) and a world class saxophone player who’s biggest claim to fame is being able to play moving sax solos with two saxes at a time (Jeff Coffin, who now plays with Dave Matthews Band), you’ve got the makings for quite a unique sound.

The Flecktones began their musical journey in the late 80s and really expoloded as the “jam band” scene did the same thing following the death of Jerry Garcia.  The band plays mostly instrumental music featuring long solo passages and beautiful melodic interplay between the virtuosos in the group.

The Flecktones are certainly no strangers to our city, as they have played fifteen shows in Portland (their first being 3-17-90 at the Melody Ballroom and their most recent being 7-31-11 at the Oregon Zoo along with Bruce Hornsby), and this particular show (4-9-99 at the Crystal Ballroom) is a prime example of the type of performance that they routinely lay down not just in Portland but world wide over their illustrious career.

Enjoy the audio below (recorded and transferred by Taper Mark) from one of this group’s most memorable Portland shows!

Tim Stout

Tim Stout
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