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Animal Collective, Dan Deacon, Haerts // 9-6-13 // Pioneer Courthouse Square


Haerts is an eclectic group that has found its home in Brooklyn. The band’s music seems to match its nondescript style. Their music borders on post-New Wave and Pop but adds a certain twist as well. Nini Fabi, the lead vocalist and 2nd keyboardist, has a familiar sounding voice. The main keyboardist and the bassist stomped together in syncopation as the Pioneer Square Stage began to shake and Fabi excitedly stated that this was their first proper show within the city of Portland.

Up next was Dan Deacon. A one man show that had all of “Portland’s Living Room” dancing and smiling. Deacon began his set out on the bricks rather than on the stage. Most of his songs are set up with an image or idea; he asks the crowd to create movement and live in an imaginary world during his sets. Luckily, he was in Portland and the crowd happily obliged. Deacon’s tracks morph from trance music to an explosion of drums and any other sound he finds appropriate to throw in. Within the set, Deacon asked audience members to lead different sides of the square in dance. This of course began an all-out dance party and it may have been the best one that many Portlanders in attendance had experienced in a while.

Night fell on the Square as Animal Collective began to play. This experimental band from Maryland, has only been together for just over a decade but has released a new album close to every year since its inception, largely due to them running their own record label, Paw Tracks. As the night went on, the psychedelic and imaginative side of the band unfolded on stage. The self-described ‘gateway band’ for their fans, has happily embraced that they introduce other genres and sects of music to their followers. Their set was an experience, almost like story, that was lived by all attendees.

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