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Ages and Ages // 9-6-13 // Star Theater


With 2013’s MFNW in full swing, Portland’s own Ages and Ages took the stage at the Star Theater in downtown Friday evening to entertain an energetic crowd.  Lead singer, Tim Perry’s normal seven piece band featured two additional people, making the intimate Star Theater stage feel very cozy.   Fortunately the audience found room  to move around and clap along to the rhythmic, feel good songs of their 2011 LP, Alright you Restless.

The tight nit, vocal-driven band, sang with a joyful, electric spirit throughout the course of their set. It was hard for the ears not to delight in their seven part, choral pop rock harmonies.  The three females in the band stood front and center playing an array of shakers, tambourines, and other noise makers guiding the audience in the frequent clap along and catchy call-and-response songs.

The audience appeared to be  a diverse mix of Ages and Ages fans and curious MFNW music seekers who maybe had heard of them and wanted to finally check them out. It was a short set, yet they were able to play almost their entire album including the popular, “No Nostalgia” and concluding the evening with the catchy, hand clap inspiring “Alright you Restless”.

While there were many other live music options happening throughout the Rose City that evening, it’s certain that anyone who attended the Ages and Ages show left with a cheerful energy and uplifted spirit.

Allison Keeney



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